Friday, 8 July 2011

Not Done One of These For Ages...Folksy Friday Returns!

I'm going to try and be a good blogger. Last weekend, I relocated from North London, to Cambridge, to move in with my boyfriend (yup, I now have to live with a boy!) and so now all the pre-move organising/packing/panicking etc is over and most of the boxes have been unpacked at the new flat, I hope I can keep a more up to date blog.

To kick things off, we have a Folksy Friday - no particular theme, just things that have caught my eye whilst browsing around the Folksy listings and forums. Hope you like my picks :)

Nicola Reed Jewellery SHOP NAME 2

1.) Rose Drop Earrings by Nicola Reed Jewellery - I love the elegance of these earrings and there's something a little bit Rennie Mackintosh about them too

2.) Axolotl Earrings by Squishy Arts - Seriously, how cute are these polymer clay sculpted earrings? I want a pet axolotl now!

3.) Love Birds Print by CowBag - if axolotls aren't your thing, then how about this gorgeous lovebird print...I adore the expression on the face of the one on the right

4.) Rainbow Butterfly Necklace by Carols Crafts - these vibrant butterflies have all been hand created from polymer clay...this would be a fab piece to wear to a summer festival 

5.) Lily Border Bracelet by Lynwoodcrafts - what beautiful embroidery work has gone into this bracelet...the orange lillies remind me of the ones my parents grow in their garden

6.) Great Crested Grebe Ring by Sally Ayling Jewellery - I really like the simplicity of this silhouette ring and the use of oxidisation to complete the effect...there are several other versions of this ring, each with a different kind of bird on it too

Thanks for reading