Friday, 28 September 2012

Introducing...the 'Tiny Sparkler' range

It's been a while since my last blog post - but now that I've finally submitted my PhD thesis, I have time to both bead and blog about it!

I love big, intricate, crystal-dripping beadwork. But it's not exactly practical, however gorgeous it looks, and you might get a few odd glances if you turned up at the office looking like you've bathed in Swarovski crystals. Hence why I always try and offer beadwork jewellery in my shops that captures the essence of this style of jewellery making, but is wearable day-to-day, as opposed to being 'saved' for a special occassion. With this in mind, I've started making a range of gemstone and crystal necklaces which I have christened 'tiny sparklers.' 

Each tiny sparkler features a bezelled and embellished semi-precious gemstone or Swarovski crystal, just enough glitter to keep your inner magpie happy, but not so dazzling that those around you need to don sunglasses. These pendants are only between 2 to 3cm across, so definitely deserving of the name 'tiny.' I think they would also make a wonderful bridesmaid necklace - they're completely customisable to match the colour scheme of your wedding and they would be a lovely gift to give them for being an important part of your special day. 

Expect to see plenty more, in an array of colours, but here's a look at the first few that have landed online in my Folksy shop in the past few weeks.

Rose Quartz with opalescent Swarovski crystals

Turquoise Cabochon with Swarovski crystals

Blue Goldstone

Aquamarine & Pacific Opal Swarovski crystals

I've got lots to blog about in the upcoming weeks - I've been beading like crazy now I've got the time and got several new designs to talk about, plus a few other things I can't say too much about just yet. Hope you've enjoyed a peek at the 'tiny sparkler' range.