Monday, 21 January 2013

OTTBS Pendant a Week Challenge - Week 3

Another slightly late OTTBS pendant a week challenge blog post this week. The weather here in the UK has been decidedly wintery this last week and although I finished this week's pendant on Saturday, I couldn't actually get outside to photograph it until this morning as itsnowed all day on Sunday.

Another version of my new Tudor Rose necklace design is this week's pendant. This one is the 'House of York' white rose, featuring frosted silver-lined crystal petals, metallic moss green leaves and a stunning crystal ab Swarovski rivoli centre - check out the blue/gold colour flash!

The photos of this one aren't the best as the light outside wasn't too good, plus anything with white beads in is a pain in the bum to photograph well. I think I will experiment with it on a black background and see if that works out better. Once I get some slightly better quality photos then this version of the design will go into my Folksy shop. 


I think I really need to to a red version of this design as well, but I also want to try some other new ideas as part of this weekly challenge too, so I might not get round to a red one for a few weeks (I do have the perfect rivoli for the centre of it though!) I am thinking that since Valentine's day is not too far away, I might try and create something 'hearty' for week 4.




Monday, 14 January 2013

OTTBS Pendant a Week Challenge - Week 2

A little bit late posting this one. I did finish this piece during week 2 of the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash weekly challenge...but I hadn't managed to put in on a necklace chain or take decent photos. 

This is a brand new, original design from me. I ordered, as part of my prize winnings from the British Bead Awards, some teeny little crystal rondelles in a couple of colours, and as I had a few other types of rondelle lurking in my stash, decided to try and design something to include them.

The resulting pendant is actually one of those rare occassions where a sketch on paper actually turns out remarkably similar when translated into beads! Apart from a few size changes on some of the seed beads, the main part of this pendant was as I had drawn it, but it was only when it came to adding the final edging touches that it suddenly evolved into its flower form and gained a name - Tudor Rose.

With a central Swarovski rivoli in medium vitrail (one of my favorite Swarovski colours), this little pendant is beaded in galvanised silver grey and metallic purple seed beads, with half silver coated crystal rondelles. For the chain, I just used some simple trace chain, which has a slightly textured finish, and added in a few wire wrapped crystals in the same medium vitrail colour for a little bit extra in the glitter department.

This one is going to be mine to keep, but I've already ordered some more rivolis (I only had the one in the right size) to create some more. With the name Tudor Rose, I am itching to make a white one and a red one, but I will have to see what colours speak to me once the rivolis arrive next week, as they are colours I have not bought before. I'd like to do a tutorial for this design too, but I suspect that that will have to go and join the other 'tutorials to do' list for once I've finished doing the corrections to my PhD thesis.

Hope you like this week's pendant...I've got to think about this week's new creation now!


Monday, 7 January 2013

OTTBS Pendant a Week Challenge - Week 1

 As part of the online beading group Operation Tackle That Bead Stash (where members share their beading and "attempt" to use up their sizeable bead stashes, rather than be tempted to add to them!), I am joining in their weekly year-long challenge for 2013. There were 3 options; create either a ring, earrings or pendant each week for a year. 

Since I find necklaces are one of the most popular items in my online shops, I've decided to go for the pendant challenge. I'm hoping I can play with the designs of other beaders as well as coming up with some new necklace designs of my own.

So, without further ado, I present my pendant for week 1 of the challenge. This is one of my own designs, which I came up with towards the end of last year, featuring the new Czech glass spike beads. I sold the original black and silver version I made just before Christmas and had been wanting to make one for myself to keep. 

My 'Athena Blossom' necklace is beaded in haematite and amethyst gunmetal seed beads and features silver Swarovski crystal bicones, purple iris Czech firepolish crystals, and of course a central matte silver glass spike. I am hoping that in the near future I'll be able to have a tutorial available for this design. I've also just finished beading another one for the shop in copper, gold and sapphire blue, but it needs to go on a gold chain, and typically that is the one metal colour that I only have the teeniest bit of chain left in (nowhere near enough to make a necklace chain with), so it'll have to wait until I can order some more before it goes on sale.

I really like this design - it also has a  'pretty bottom' so to speak, which I am wondering if I could work into another design.

Now I have to get think of what I want to do as my pendant for week 2!



Saturday, 5 January 2013

Year of the Dragon

Well, hopefully it won't take me the whole of 2013...but over the Xmas holidays I started off a big beading project, a sculptural piece in the form of a beaded dragon.

Through a Facebook beading group a fantastic bead artist and her wonderful (and free) tutorials was drawn to my attention, and the thing that captured my imagination most was her tutorial for a large beaded dragon. I'm a lover of all things fantasy (just started book 5 of Game of Thrones the other day) and so I decided to take the plunge, buy some beads and get started.

The tutorial allows plenty of room for you to customise your dragon to your own tastes - mine is going to have plenty of sparkle. I have been working on the head to start with and have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly it has beaded up given that it's way bigger than anything I've ever worked on before. 

This picture shows the head after I'd beaded the top and bottom jaws, joined them together and added in a beaded tongue. I'm using Toho gold-lustered 'moonshadow' seed beads as my main colour - these beads are one of my faves, a light purple with pink and green colour flashes, very dragony I think. I made his top lip a bit pointier than in the tutorial and I think I am going to add on some more detailed nostrils at some point too. 

This is what he looks like as of now. The tutorial used faceted round beads for the eyes, but I bezelled two light vitrail rivolis for my dragon. I'm not 100% certain they're positioned right so I've left the threads loose so I can unpick. I want my dragon to have a 'brow' of some sort which is going to take me a little while to figure out. 

Obviously, this dragon is a long term project and one I can pick up in between beading other things, but I will keep you up to date on the blog with his evolution. I'm really enjoying working on him, never having done 3D beading to this extent...hopefully I will be able to come up with my own scuptural work after he is finished, I have a few ideas, just not the skill yet to realise them, but I think this piece will provide me with that.

Here's a link to the tutorial I am using if you'd like to make your own dragon - I recommend looking at the gallery too to see more of Rrkra's fabulous work.

Happy New Year to you all