Monday, 7 July 2008


No new jewellery I'm afraid - I have been a busy bee but not in areas involving beads and so nothing new to show. However, my trip to work this morning prompted this little mini-rant...

Now, if you are a UK resident as I am, you'll probably have noticed that despite it being July and therefore technically summer, the weather forecast is saying rain all this week. If you didn't catch a weather forecast, perhaps then you might have noticed that the ground looked distinctly damp when you looked out of the window this morning. Failing that, surely when you took yourself out of the house this morning to head in for work, you might have actually felt said rain falling on your head.

Apparently though, some people managed to make it all the way into London on the main line train I was on, without having appreciated the fact that it had a) been raining, b) currently was raining and c) was likely to rain for much of today.

Yes, I'm talking to you lady in white t-shirt, floaty summer skirt and strappy backless peeptoe sandals!

Said lady, upon leaving the train station to head for the underground, produced an umbrella for the walk, thereby indicating that she was in fact aware of the rain and had been aware of that fact prior to leaving her home presumably. Is it just me that finds this dumb and weird? I mean, I know that she probably works in an office or some other indoor environment and will therefore only be exposed to the outside world there and back, but come on, all she's gonna end up with is a damp skirt and soggy feet (at least she had a brolly otherwise with the white top she had on things might have descended into wet-t-shirt contest territory!). Perhaps I am the only one who places comfort and practicality over looking pretty? Either way, until I see a weather forecast that tells me tomorrow is going to be bright blazing sunshine, I'm going to stick with
my trainers and jeans.

Oh, and people wearing flip flops today (I kid you not), seriously, what planet are you on?

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