Friday, 22 January 2010

A very belated happy new year!!


Yes, yes I know I am very bad for not blogging at all so for in 2010 but I have been busy with real work (aka my day job that pays for my beads!!) as I am off to the states for a conference in 2 weeks…so I think that is a reasonable excuse!

I am very much hoping that 2010 will be a good year for my jewellery making. Fingers crossed that before I go away I’ll get confirmation of an exciting happening currently in the pipeline, so if all goes to plan I shall let you know :)

I have started a few seed bead pieces in front of the telly in the last week, including a new colourway of my bouquet bracelet. I also got some art clay silver pieces kiln fired before Christmas which I am going to have as charms on some simple strung bracelets. Here’s a sample of what I made:


A couple of silver paste leaves – the one on the left has the better texture by far…chose the wrong leaf for the right hand one, but you live and learn these things!


A textured star…I cut my own texture pad out using some rubber carving block and a lino tool to make the pattern…have plenty of ideas for other texture pads I want to make to use on clay after doing this one – I may well LOS this one to make the texture really stand out.


And some dinky charms – a pair of hearts textured with paste and a mini star that was textured using…sequins! Again I might have a go with the LOS on the star to bring out the detail in the texture.

If I get any of these made up into jewellery before I go off on my American adventure I will be sure to post pictures!!

Well, that’s all for now – sorry there’s not more to show for 2010 so far, I hope to rectify this when I get back from the US.



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