Friday, 21 May 2010

Folksy Friday - things that go neeeeeeeiiiiigghhh!

Sitting at my desk in the office gazing longingly out at the sunshine, it's this kind of weather that always makes me wish I had the time (and didn't live in London) to have my own horse/pony and go for long hacks out in the countryside. So, today's Folksy Friday post has an equestrian theme - hope you like!

Noonoo and Me Marmalime
Bonbi Forest James Green Printworks
Quernus Crafts Hearts & Crafts

1.) An adorable recycled cuddly horse from Noonoo and Me - I want to ruffle his sweet little felty mane :)
2.) Gorgeous horse art print by Marmalime - the big brown eyes are what draw my attention in
3.) Another lovely art print, this time from Bonbi Forest - I'd love something like this on my bedroom wall
4.) A little donkey print card from James Green Printworks - donkeys are fantastic (I always want to play with their ears), I like how this print has the donkey standing their patiently with his little shadow
5.) Cuteness overload with these wee horses from Quernus Crafts - you can even get one custom made to look like your own gee gee!
6.) Some more lovely artwork by Hearts & Crafts in this pretty mare & foal scene

Hope you aren't all horsed-out after that lot!


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Lee May Foster said...

Aww, loving the horsey finds! Thanks!