Friday, 5 November 2010

Folksy Friday...piggie in the middle

I do love pigs...and since me and my bf have been exchanging emails this week mostly featuring youtube videos of some ultra cute micro pigs, I have decided to make them the theme for my Folksy Friday post this week.

Dottie Doodle Keleasel
Toucan Ceramics Quernus Crafts
PrettyRosie PuzzlesinWood

1.) I love this little piggie soft toy from Dottie Doodle - lovely chocolate brown patterned  cord-type fabric with bright pink ears and a nose you just want to squish
2.) This pig cushion by Keleasel has a wonderful abstract quality and also looks like it would be nice to snuggle into on your sofa
3.) I really like the unusual pose of this ceramic piggie by Toucan Ceramics - and his adorable black eye patch too

4.) This mini pigling polymer clay creations from Quernus Crafts are incredibly sweet - I'd love to have a whole row of them living on the mantlepiece in my bedroom
5.) This decoupage style pig created by PrettyRose by Roosmarie reminds me of making papier-mache money boxes at school, but this one has way more finesse than we had slapping paper onto a balloon. I love this piggie's turquoise snout too ( I actually think I bucked the trend of doing pigs and made a whale instead!)
6.) I have always enjoyed puzzles so this one of a pot bellied pig by Puzzles In Wood really floats my boat - plus it would look lovely as a stand alone ornament.


Anonymous said...

awww .... so cute, love them!

Maria x

NOfkantsCurios said...

Oh Lovely Piggies! My big sis is a pig collectot, so she would be in piggie heaven!

Natalie x

Quernus Crafts said...

Pigs are just THE Best! What a brilliant selection - the Piglings are in excellent company!

Kirsten x