Monday, 6 December 2010

A Weekend of Ups and Downs

I realised I haven't blogged for almost a fortnight now, so I thought I would write a little update about the ups and downs of my weekend.

 On Saturday, with my bag laden with lots of mini kits of seed beads and crystals, pliers, needles and thread and a wad of printed instruction sheets, I headed off to the Chelsea Town Hall for the We Make Fair where I was due to be running a beadwoven snowflake workshop.

After getting off the tube at Sloane Square, just as I spotted the hall up ahead, I reached round to take my phone out to check the time as I'd not put my watch on that morning...only to find the zipper pocket on my rucksack undone and my mobile phone nowhere to be seen! In a fluster I marched back along the Kings Road as quickly as possible scanning the ground in case I had somehow managed to drop it and asked at the tube station if anyone had handed it in to no avail. I headed back to the fair, all of a fluster and quite upset at the thought that someone had probably opened my bag on purpose and stolen the phone.

Thankfully, there are some nice people out there, and Mary, one of the We Make organisers was very kind and helped me try ringing my phone and then get in touch with my mobile phone company to get the sim card and phone blocked so noone could run up a huge bill on my contract. However, I was still really rather upset and so most people passed by the sad and distracted looking girl sitting at the workshop table. I had a few people compliment me on the snowflakes, but no interest in anyone wanting to make their own. I think this was down to a combination of me not being in the best frame of mind to be drumming up interest, plus that people were either at the fair merely to browse or to purchase something ready made for themselves or as a Christmas gift. I am still grateful for Mary at We Make for giving me the chance to do the workshop, but I think Saturday was just not my day! Fortunately I have phone insurance and should have a new one on its way very soon.

But, on a more positive note, my Folksy shop has been having a flurry of sales in the last few days. Two Dazzling Daisy necklaces have been snapped up and my Ice Queen bracelet has also found a new home and is off to be a Christmas gift. Plus an extended family member was told about my website by my mum (who needs Twitter/Facebook etc to promote when you have your mum to tell everyone your work is lovely?!) and bought my Heart's Desire bracelet as a present for a friend.

There's still plenty of time to have a look at my shop and pick out a handmade Christmas gift for someone special. I have several more Dazzling Daisy necklaces listed (and I am always willing to make up a custom pendant in a colourway of your choice) and plenty of earrings which make perfect stocking filler gifts - all earrings in my shop are currently part of a special pre-Christmas offer of 3 pairs for £10.

                                         Dazzling Daisy pendant in the rainbow crystal colourway

                                           'In Bloom' bracelet in deep metallic blue

                                          Frosted silver flower burst earrings

                                           Jet Black 'Falling Star' earrings

Hope everyone is doing alright with their Christmas shopping...I still have a fair bit to do, plus several gifts to handmake.


Nicole x

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