Wednesday, 11 June 2008

First Post

Well I created this a while ago and then never posted anything (shame on me, huh?)
Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web - it's gonna mostly feature my latest jewellery making efforts...but I'm sure if I have anything else to say it'll end up on here too!
Alas, I cannot spend all day creating pretty things - I'm studying for a PhD so my beading time is pretty limited, particularly as I commute to London during the week (and due to my tendency to drop/spill/knock flying beads and needles I don't think beading on the train is advisable!)
To crack things's a pic of the latest piece I finished. Made using the instructions featured in Bead Magazine for the lovely and ultra talented Lynn Davy (go check out her gallery for more drool-worthy beadwoven goodness).

(excuse the duvet cover background!)

Instead of the original pink 'Rose Garden,' I instead went for zesty lemon and limes with a bit of sunset orange and tropical blues to create this took a long time to complete, but is so worth it (my mum said it is a "work of art" - thanks mum!!) - all I need now is an occasion to wear it.
Well that's all I have to say for now - except that today I saw the most HIDEOUS blazer style jacket today on the underground. Imagine a Butlins redcoat-style jacket, but imagine that the designer decided ' if I was going to make a jacket like that, but in the three most revolting colours I can dream up...what would that look like?' We're talking vertical stripes of lime-mould green, dirty terracotta orange and dingy navy-grey blue! And someone presumably designed this catastrophe, then a shop bought in the stock...and then someone went into the shop and thought 'ooh, that looks nice.' My mind boggles sometimes!

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