Friday, 26 June 2009

Busy as a busy bee...but no time to bead!

Sadly I have not a bean of new beady stuff to show you. It has been a busy time chez Hollybird Beads in the last few weeks - for both good and not so good reasons. Fortunately though, it nows seems like the good is starting to outweigh the bad.

Now, sadly, I have to have a day job in order to be able to live, eat and buy beads, but until recently I was doing the Essex to London commute 5 days a week. Which meant you get to read a whole heap of books, but also means you have to sit next to people with rather questionable personal hygiene - surprisingly though, most of the real stinkers are the people in the shirts, ties and suits, not the builders in their paint splattered overalls (how exactly does one sit in an air conditioned office for 8 hrs and still manage to smell worse than someone who's been up and down scaffolding since 6am?).

So last weekend, myself and a good friend moved into a 2 bed flat in London - and now it takes me 20 mins on the bus and a short walk and there I am at my desk and I haven't had to get up at 6:45am! It also means I can stay at work longer - science is not a 9 - 5 kinda thing, and experiments are needy and like you to pander to them at random hours in the day.

So appologies for the lack of jewellery to show you, but hopefully once I get things sorted after the move I should have time to start getting creative again :) xx

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