Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Beady Backlog

I wish I had some pretty pics to show you, but sadly not. Has been a busy time of moving home, work, going on holiday and other stuff. Which means I have a bit of a beady backlog - still trying to get the pendant on a necklace for a friend's birthday to hang right...and have a piece for my mum's birthday I should really get finished this week since I am going back to Essex to see my family for the weekend! I'm also halfway through a cuff bracelet design from the latest Bead and Button. Rest assured once I have some finished pieces I will photograph them and post them up for you to see.

One thing I have done is start a 'page' for my jewellery on Facebook, so you can now go and become a 'fan' and make me feel all warm and fuzzy that yes, some people do like what I make! So if you want to make me smile today, become a fan here.

Best make tracks, time waits for no woman


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