Monday, 2 August 2010

Buying handmade...and selling it too!

As a crafty person I have a great love and appreciation for others who make things...and not just for other jewellery makers, but all walks of crafty people. I would far rather buy a handmade item than something off the high street that you'll see loads of other people wearing/using and support talented designer makers in the process. As such I've made a few purchases from other crafty types that I thought I'd show off because I am soooo happy with all of them.

Firstly, I ordered some lovely lampwork glass beads from Julie of Lush Lampwork that look almost good enough to eat! The frosted hearts I want to use to make another "Heart to Heart" braclet and a set of matching earrings...and the litle blue dotty bead is actually a button, which I am hoping to be able to use as a clasp for either a bracelet or a neclace, haven't decided which yet.

Another recent purchase was one of the fab denim bags created as a collaboration between Bonbi Forest and Custom Made. I love the print and it works really well with the denium, plus there's a lovely blue lining inside it too. Think I might have to save it for evenings out though as it's far too pretty for me to overfill with my day-to-day bits and bobs (there is so much random/useless stuff in my current day handbag!).

And last but not least, despite being a jewellery maker myself I can't help but treat myself to jewellery from other maker's from time to time, especially if they use techniques that I myself can't do. Hence the purchase of this funky laser cut acrylic goldfish necklace and "Team Jacob" wolf ring from the lovely Leese of Cup of Sea. Have worn the necklace a fair bit, but since I can't really wear rings day-to-day (and I fear clumsy moi would manage to break wolfie's head somehow) I am going to incorporate the ring into a bracelet instead - and I shall of course post photos to show you all the finished result.

So that's the buying handmade what about the selling part? Well, after having a shop there for, erm, rather a long time, I have now actually gotten around to listing some of my beadwoven jewellery on Folksy. Would very much appreciate people taking a look and any feedback on the items/shop design etc would be gratefully received. You can visit my Folksy shop by clicking here.

Til next blog!



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