Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Monkey Business!

Following a trip to the fantastic Colchester Zoo today, which has a large variety of primates from tiny tamarins to their incredible 42 year-old male orangutan, I have decided on a monkey theme for my Folksy Friday today.

Nell Cute Designs
Honest Fabrication Katie's Corner
Squiggly Monkeys Minifelts

 1.) Something for your little monkeys to wear by Nell...I love the heart shaped nose of the monkey print on this kids t-shirt.

2.) Amigurumi cuties like this wee blue monkey from Cute Designs make me really wish I knew how to crochet.

3.) A sock monkey with an original twist - this skeleton monkey from Honest Fabrication is definitely a cute rather than a spooky skeleton

4.) Need a home for your jammies? Harry the monkey from Katie's Corner needs your PJs to fill up his empty monkey tummy!

5.) Another adorable sock monkey, this time from Squiggly Monkeys - in a funky shade of bright green stripeyness, and he has a scarf on too :)

6.) And last, but certainly not least, a lovely little felt monkey brooch to wear on your jacket/bag/anywhere else you like to show your love of all things ape

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1 comment:

cutedesigns said...

I'm loving all the monkeys. :) That skelton one is fab! :D

Thanks for including mine in your feature.