Thursday, 19 January 2012

BTW - what's on my beading mat today

Excuse the poor quality was taken on my camera phone and in not so brilliant lighting. I'm going to try and join in on 'Bead Table Wednesday' every week if possible (i.e. if I remember to take photos!) So here is my first glimpse at what was sitting on my beading mat as of yesterday.

In the bottom left is my first 'Bead Masters 2012' project, Rachel Nelson-Smith's 'Groove' earrings from her Bead Riffs book. This is very different from the way I usually bead, so it's been a challenge even though the project is a small one. There'll be proper pictures for the blog once I've finished them - this one just needs a little bit more embellishment added so I've not far to go.

In the top right is an idea I've been playing around with this week. It's getting there towards a design I am happy with, but I have a feeling I might need some 3mm firepolished crystals instead of the 4mm ones I've been using. We'll see once I've finished a whole motif - I might change my mind once it's complete.

So that's what's on my bead table this week - what's on yours?


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