Wednesday, 4 April 2012

BTW - What's On My Bead Mat, 4th April 2012

I've missed a few weeks worth of bead table Wednesday's recently. This has been because I was working on a couple of custom orders for people to give as gifts and when I am working bespoke I don't like to show photos of what I am doing until the jewellery has reached its intended recipient - I would hate to spoil someone's surprise gift by posting a photo of it. 

But now those custom pieces are done, this week there are lots of bits and pieces in the making crowded onto on one of my smaller beading mats.

Some very different things going on on this mat! There's some purple and silver seed beads, flowers and crystals which are leftovers from a custom bracelet I recently finished that are yet to find their way back into their storage bags. There's also in the top-middle area, a very teeny little crystal tester that didn't really go anywhere...that'll probably find itself getting unpicked.

In the top left corner of the mat is one of my new designs, the 'Gazania' flower motif, beaded using silver seed beads and a mixture of turquoise coloured Czech fire-polished crystals. This just needs to go onto a necklace chain now, so expect to see it popping up in my online shop very soon.

On the right hand side of the mat is another design I am playing around with. I love the colour combo of these beautiful cobalt blue crystal rondelles with these seed beads. They might look gold in this photo, but they are actually crystal coloured with a copper lining. I absolutely LOVE them - they have an amazing twinkle to them which is not captured in this photograph. If I end up with a finished piece from this tester I hope I will be able to show just how lovely those seed beads are.

So that's what is sitting on my bead mat at the's hoping some of the ideas actually make it into finished jewellery designs!


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Clair said...

That Gazinia is an absolute stunner - and I'm loving all of your recent pieces in teals and turquoises!