Monday, 27 February 2012

New Range - Beadwoven Crystal Bracelet Charms

Yes, after a little wait for the Sterling Silver findings to arrive, I listed the first of my new range of beadwoven charms for charm bracelets over the weekend. 

The challenge with these little sparklies is trying to keep them to 2cm or less in size (otherwise they'd be larger than most other charms available for this style of bracelet - I did my research of well known brands and 2cm is the biggest they seem to get). The first couple that I made use Swarovski crystals that are 8mm in diameter, which is pretty small - the beadwoven setting is surprisingly time consuming to stitch in contrast to its size, because great care is needed to ensure the stone is securely captured in such a small bezel.

I created a 'stunt' charm bracelet to use when photographing these charms as I don't own one of these bracelets myself; I suspect this may change soon since I would love to have my own packed full of these charms. They've also proved a challenge to photograph due to the crystal sparkle and the metallic silver seed beads used. 

The first one is now up on Folksy - featuring a gorgeous 'montana' blue Swarovski stone in its centre. You can click on the photo of it below to be taken to its listing in my Folksy shop.

I'll be listing the other crystal centre charm (the 'flower' one in the first picture) shortly. This weekend I remembered I had some tiny semi-precious gemstone cabochons in my bead stash and I've now completed two more charms; one using turquoise & Swarovski, the other rose quartz. They'll be going online too once they've been photographed. 

I am always happy to take on custom orders - if there is a particular colour of crystal or semi-precious stone you would like a charm created with, please get in touch.


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