Friday, 25 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Tea time!

Now who doesn't enjoy a sit down with a nice hot, fresh cuppa? I don't like coffee...well, I actually rather like the smell (plus I am totally down with the concept of cappucchinos - hot drink + cream + chocolate = yum), but I just don't like the taste. Therefore my hot beverage of choice is a good cup of strong tea...and so I've selected this week's Folksy Friday picks from the many tea-related items crafty people have dreamt up. Go put the kettle on and then have a looksy :-)

Buzybee Nikki Made
Dinky Daisy Paperfish
The Quilted Teacup She Draws

1.) Adorably cute, with lovely button details, this knitted teacosy from Buzybee will keep your teapot toasty warm and pretty at the same time.

2.) Run out of tea bags? Don't panic - with this fun emergency tea bag brooch by NikkiMade a cuppa is always at the creative photo shots of this piece too.

3.) Keep your pennies and your pounds safe in this sweet and daintyly appliqued 'I love tea' purse by Dinky Daisy.

4.) And keep your sewing needles safe from doing anyone any mischief in this lovely little needlebook from Paperfish - you can attach other sewing accessories to the ring to keep everything on hand too

5.) Get comfy on the sofa with your tea with this cushion featuring a cool appliqued teacup design from The Quilted Teacup

6.)Brew up a storm in this fun illustrated teapot from She Draws featuring lots of tasty treats you might want to accompany your cuppa

Hope you liked this weeks picks!


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