Monday, 21 June 2010

Treasure UK Exhibition for London Jewellery Week

I had every good intention of blogging about this last week but we are about to move flats next week so things have been a bit hectic sorting out things for the new place and trying to get our current place cleared and packed up. So, a week later, than planned, here's my review of the Treasure UK exhibition which ran as part of London Jewellery Week.

Last Sunday, complete with boyfriend in tow, I headed to Victoria House to be inspired by the work of some of the top new talents in jewellery design - and I definitely wasn't disappointed in that respect! From traditional silver, gold and platinum, diamonds and semi-precious stones, to textile-inspired work and other unique materials, there was something to suit every taste.  I could go on for ages about the variety of work on show so instead I'll mention a few of my favourite designers and pieces.

The first thing to really catch my eye were the fab flower brooch displays outside Westwood Rocks little pop-up boutique area - loads of different styles in pearls and chunky dyed shell in every colour of the rainbow!

Then Elinor Voytel's textile-inspired work caught my eye - especially this fantastic necklace which at first glance looked to be made of thin coiled wire, but is infact a lovely shimmery unusual kind of knitting yarn.


Not too far from Elinor's display, was another eyecatching cabinet filled with pieces by husband and wife team C J Poupazis. Both myself and my boyfriend loved the geometric and kinetic nature of their work, particularly this necklace featuring lots of linked rings and tiny jasmine flowers.
If cute, whimsical jewellery is your thing, then you might like the work of Helen Lea, one of several members of Design Space, who shared an area of the exhibition. Her Owl and the Moon brooch is just adorable, and intricately hand carved.

Several members of the Jewellery Designer's Collective (JeDeCo) really stood out from the crowd. 

Ute Decker's scuptural ethical silver pieces were stunning.

And Debbie Carlton had some fantastic statement bangles made from polymer clay, which were superlight despite their chunkyness - and I love the addition of a different pattern on the inside of the bracelets (even if you don't see it when you're wearing it, you still know it's there!)

Finally, I also really liked Zelia Horsley's "block and chain" collection - with it's great initial concept behind it, plus the fact that (unintentionally) her pieces have a very 1920s feel to them (which my boyfriend pointed out, no less!). Plus, Zelia herself was a very lovely, bubbly lady when we were stopped for a quick chat with her.

And there were soooo many more great designers featured but I'd be here all week to even begin to feature them all - so I suggest you make a trip to the next exhibition during London Jewellery Week 2011!

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