Wednesday, 8 February 2012

BTW - What's On My Bead Mat, 8th Feb 2012

It's bead table Wednesday again, and I am so glad that I took some time over the weekend to clear all the random beads, thread clippings, headpin ends and other stuff that was on my big bead mat before I started work on the new necklace design in today's photo.

After years of never really using it as a stitch, I've suddenly become addited to right angle weave - I've made several crystal embellished bracelets using this stitch in the last couple of weeks, not to mention the flowers I showed you last week. I decided I wanted to bead a bib/collar style necklace using right angle weave, and this week's btw photo shows you what I've got so far.

At the bottom right is what I've just finished and what I intend to be the front of the necklace - that's about 200 glass pearls in RAW, a bottom layer of rounds in a mid-grey colour and embellished with some lovely dusky lavender blue hearts that I've had for ages. I love the feel of this piece of beadwork, it's so supple and slinky in your hands. 

You might be able to spy a couple of my 'Halo' motifs nearby - these are hopefully going to be what links the front piece to the neck rope/chain...I made one using my favourite metallic pewter grey seed beads but I decided that the ring needed to be a bit darker to match the pearls, hence you see several bags of different shades of grey seedies on my board. Last night I decided the silver-lined black diamond ones looked to be the best match so started another 'Halo' using them. 

Now I just need to bead a second one and then decide on what form the back part of the necklace is going to take, I have a few ideas but I might have to try a few and see what works best. Hopefully it'll be finished by next week's btw!


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