Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BTW - What's On My Bead Mat, 1st Feb 2012

I took the pieces I've been working on off of my actual bead mat in order to get them to photograph a little better today (thankfully the weather, although extremely cold, is sunny today so I was able to get a not too bad photograph this week using my proper camera).

In the top left hand corner is a bangle which I started and finished last night using this tutorial by the lovely Debbie van Tonder. Her bangle design is called 'Zoe' and uses Miyuki tila beads, of which I had some left over to use and since lots of people on a Facebook group I am a member of had been posting pictures of their versions of this bracelet, I decided I wanted a go. Alas, I should have checked the measurements beforehand because it is sadly about half an inch too big for me (i.e. the bangle practically slides off my hand when my hand is down by my side) - it was so quick to do that I know it won't take me long to undo it and take a few tilas out of the base, but I didn't have the heart to do it last night!

The other thing I've been working on are more of my new floral motif design. I'm still trying to work out what kinds of finished jewellery pieces I want to incorporate these flowers into so I've made a few in different colours to play around with. My favourite is the silver one - the matt silver fire-polished crystals in it are so lovely.

That's it for this week!



Jet said...

oooh the colors you chose for the bangle are delish :D

DEBGER said...

Awesome Zoe Bangle, just love, well done!!!

Charters said...

Lovely pieces, colours are very cheery.